The Blockchain is being touted as the innovation of the decade and has the potential to change the world in much the same way that the advent of the Internet did. This book contains all the information needed to understand this fascinating technology surrounding Bitcoin. The different perspectives from the economic, technological and philosophical create an easy-to-understand book experience. Bitcoin – conclusively encrypted is equally interesting for newcomers and advanced. This makes it essential reading for anyone who wants to get into the rabbithole.

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of Chainexplained

Lukas Wiesflecker

“Bitcoin has taught me what true wealth is besides family – namely time and the indestructible rarity of Bitcoin. I believe in mathematics and the whole universe is based on numbers. Math is irrevocable, contained everywhere, and is a law. Since the beginning of time, mathematics has worked and as long as mathematics works, Bitcoin will work!”

Hermann Troger

“The printing press brought about the separation of church and state. The Internet distributes ideas, images and words at the speed of light. A thought is energy, abundant and in various states. Bitcoin uses energy to authenticate property by agreeing to distributed block time and thereby allowing transaction history to be written into a block. Bitcoin combined ideas to create a non-manipulable network to distribute value.”